Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

What is TIPPS?

TIPPS is a training initiative for psychiatry postgraduate students. This free to use online portal provides a platform to connect all psychiatry postgraduate students in the country to form a network of peer support group moderated by the administrators of the initiative. The portal will provide easy to understand academic write ups on important topics, references, course material and periodic seminars, journal articles, cases for discussion. It will also provide a forum for users to post questions and discussion threads. 

Who can join TIPPS?

Any student pursuing post-graduation in psychiatry – DPM, MD, DNB , PDF, DM can register for free and become a member.

Why this initiative?

Starting a residency in psychiatry is like beginning a journey into the unknown. Having had a minimal exposure to psychiatry in MBBS days, one may not know what to expect. During training in psychiatry one needs to acquire special skills in eliciting psychopathology, interview skills, administering rating scales, psychopharmacology; to name a few which are unique to this discipline. During the 2 or 3 years of residency one may face many hurdles in understanding concepts, which books to read, references to important articles, thesis, research topics, seminars, journal clubs and last but not the least…EXAMS!!! Presence of an active peer and support group, availability of information, clearing ones doubts, sharing of ideas and knowledge can make residency an enriching experience. With the encouraging trend of growing number of PG psychiatry seats, having such an online peer support group network becomes imperative and also feasible.

Activities @ TIPPS

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